Mike Tyson Is Looking Forward To Watching Jake Paul Fight… Despite Not Knowing Who His Opponent Tommy Fury Is


The heavyweight icon has been a fan of Paul’s polarising boxing career and even had him on his comeback undercard in 2020.

But Iron Mike was unaware of who Fury was, despite being the younger brother of world champion Tyson.

He told talkSPORT: “Hey, listen, I only saw Paul, I’ve never seen Fury fight. I don’t know, I never saw Fury fight.”

Paul, 26, knocked out ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, 38, the night Tyson returned to the ring for an exhibition bout.


Has since gone 6-0, beating ex-MMA champions in Ben Askren, 38, Tyron Woodley, 40, and Anderson Silva, 47.

Fury, 23, will be the first recognised boxer Paul has so far faced, but his 6-0 record was hailed by the Baddest Man on The Planet.

Tyson, 56, said: “Well, he does have boxing experience.

“He boxed before because it shows in his fights and he’s won against people that he shouldn’t beat.


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