Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Admits Guilt For ‘Fighting’ With His Wife Under The Influence


Mike Tyson has been married to Lakiha Spicer, since 2009, so it’s been almost 14 years.

Tyson has been married three times, it didn’t work out for him the first two times, but he had two children with his previous wife, a daughter, Rayna, and a son, Amir Tyson.

Recently, in an episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson when Blueface and Chrisean Rock came as a guest, Tyson talked about his marital relationship. He threw some light on his relationship with his wife and how his mind works as a husband. He even spoke out about the regrets he had when he used to indulge in fighting with Spicer.

Tyson said, “Me and my wife used to fight, we stopped fighting. Once we stopped drinking, we stopped fighting.”

Blueface agreed and added that it’s not really worth fighting with your better h alf at the end of the day.


Even Tyson expressed guilt over his actions. ‘Iron’ Mike even mentioned how he was a bit jealous in his relationship.

He also stated how he used to feel uncomfortable when somebody else, even, dared to look at his wife.

Mike Tyson thinks he was an “idiot” husband
Mike Tyson opened up about his jealousy, and how he used to get uncomfortable when somebody looked at his wife. Then he even revealed how he has threatened some of his friends because of this bad habit, and he is not proud of it. Although in the same episode, Tyson finally revealed his true feelings for his wife.

Tyson said, “Jealousy, uhm I don’t want nobody to look at her, I don’t care where she looks but I don’t want nobody to look at her, I’m an idiot.”

Blueface was surprised when he said that he’s even threatened people because of it. And it was apparent that Mike Tyson wasn’t proud of it.


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