Why Did Mike Tyson Get Nominated For Webby Awards 2023 – What Is The Award For?


Mike Tyson has officially been nominated for the 2023 Webby Awards. The 56-year-boxing legend revealed the news via social media and advised his followers to vote for him.

Once a vicious boxing champion, Tyson is now a full-time entertainer, who has had his presence felt all over the Internet.

Tyson’s HotBoxin podcast is one of the most popular talk shows in the combat and entertainment community that has had star guests like Joe Rogan, Khabib Nurmagomedov, US rapper Tyga and several others.

Mike Tyson’s official website and cannabis business have also found legitimate attention on social media, making the boxing legend a well-known figure even to the Gen-Z population.


Hailing from the era of the early 90s, ‘Iron’ Mike is one of the most followed athletes on social media with a whopping number of 20.6 million.


Now that Mike Tyson is on the verge of winning the 2023 Webby Awards, he is undoubtedly a prominent individual on the Internet today.

The Prestigious Webby Awards have been held by actor Adam Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more prominent names so far.

The Webby Awards are presented annually for excellence on the Internet by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Tyson, the youngest heavyweight champion ever, clearly wants to add another feather to his glittery hat.


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