Following Alex Pereira’S Victory At UFC 287, Fans Criticize Israel Adesanya For Making Remarks About Muhammad Ali


Adesanya talked about how in the UFC 287 fight he saw the moment where he knew he had to use Ali’s ‘rope-a-dope’ tactic against his opponent. 1News took it to Facebook and shared his interview following the win.

In the clip, Adesanya says, “There was a moment when I was visualizing this fight I was like if I get the chance, and when I get the chance, George Foreman-Muhammad Ali, phantom punch.” Adesanya continues, “And after that rope-a-dope moment, I saw him lying flat on the ground, frozen like Elsa.”

The fans after watching Izzy’s interview, poured in mixed reactions. While some commended ‘The Last Stylebender’ for his spectacular knockout of his arch-nemesis, others were quick to point out t he factual errors Izzy made while talking about Ali vs Foreman.


Some also shared nothing but distaste toward Adesanya’s words. Interestingly, after the fight, Adesanya also paid tribute to WWE legend Triple H.

Fans respond to Israel Adesanya’s Muhammad Ali reference
A fan named Alan R Hunt stated that the winner can always say whatever he feels like. They wrote, “You can say anything after you’ve done it. 🤣🤣“. Another fan, Chance Hepi, stated that the fight resembled more a Rocky Balboa fight, rather than Muhammad Ali. They wrote, “The Phantom punch was Ali v Liston II… the ‘Rope-a-dope’ was about taking a fighter that had never been more than 4 rounds into deep water.


Nothing like what happened in the Adesanya fight! He landed a well-timed shot. And followed up. It was nothing like an Ali fight. More like a Balboa fight!”

On the other hand, a fan named Matt Billington came in support of Israel Adesanya, as they wrote, “Izzy used a tactic inspired by Ali, he didn’t compare himself to Ali in terms of greatness. He’s just talking about tactics.”

Another fan named Marnie Pearson wrote, “Love a rope-a-dope. But gotta be able to take the big hits. Ali was exceptionable . Worked for Israel though ❤️“. Lastly, a fan named Haydn Smith had this to say about the knockdown – “A Phantom Punch would be one we couldn’t see. The whole dam world saw that punch.”


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