George Foreman: When Muhammad Ali Told You To Stay Away From Mike Tyson, Do You Think It Was Cause He Thought Mike Would Think Of Beating You?


The oldest person to ever win the heavyweight title released a revelation regarding his rivalry with Mike Tyson.

Despite George Foreman’s forced decade-long exile during the late 1980s, the two were never introduced.

At the time, Tyson was at the peak of his powers and could have conceivably given Foreman a shot in the early 1990s or fought him after being released from prison.

Foreman has consistently stated his belief that Tyson took advice from his team not to face him.

Taking his thoughts further, ‘Big George’ now says Tyson’s size and style wouldn’t have made a dent in him anyway.

Asked for his thoughts on the Tyson saga, Foreman responded to a fan.

“When Muhammad Ali told you to stay away from Mike Tyson, do you think it was cause he thought Mike would think of beating you?

“Or inside, do you think Ali knew you would of beat him. So he told you to stay away from him. He was Cus D’Amato’s friend, and your style is dangerous for Tyson’s?


Correcting the question, Foreman answered: “Ali never told me to stay away from Tyson.


“He did say, “Tyson can punch like a Blankety Blank.” He was really impressed with Mike. But for me, they (heavyweights like Tyson) were real fast (small with muscles) and of no danger to me.”

After he fought Tyson’s big rival, Evander Holyfield, in 1991, Foreman’s emphatic statement comes as many argue he gave ‘The Real Deal’ more trouble than ‘Iron’ Mike.

Big George certainly isn’t endeared to Tyson in any shape or form, whatever the case is. He even advised Tyson to put a proposed trilogy exhibition with Holyfield in the bin.

Foreman’s advice comes as Tyson was stopped twice by Holyfield when they met. When Holyfield was in his late fifties, a third installment fell apart.

Unequivocal with his guidance on the matter, Foreman told Tyson: “With this one, Mike should let sleeping dogs lie.”

Tyson returned to action against Roy Jones Jr. before getting linked to facing talentless YouTubers.


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