Mike Tyson Vs Muhammad Ali… Who Would Win If They Were Both 20? Iron Mike Has Given His Superb Answer


As one of the best, Mike Tyson has a multitude of memorable fights to look back on. The infamous series with Evander Holyfield, featuring Tyson being disqualified for biting his opponent’s ear out of frustration, is still talked about to this day. As far as upsets go, there might not be one greater than when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson.

One fighter Tyson never squared up against was Muhammad Ali. It could be said that they were two of the best boxers ever and both had massive influence on the sporting world as a whole.

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali – who would win?
One YouTube video shows an interviewer asking the question of who would win between a 20-year-old Tyson and a 20-year-old Ali to Iron Mike himself.

Video: Mike Tyson answers who wins between him and Ali
“There’s no man like him. Everything that we have, he supersedes us in even in our arrogance and our ego. He’s fast, but he really doesn’t have great quality that you could see besides his agility. He’s not afraid to let punches fly. He doesn’t have a good defence, his speed was his defence. He moves and stuff.


“Say from a boxing perspective, Ali is a f****** animal. He looks more like a model than a fighter. But what he is, he’s like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a pretty face. He’s just mean and evil and he’ll take you in deep waters and drown you. It’s not muscle memory, it’s concentration. It’s him doing it. I can’t beat that man! Hell f****** no!”

Tyson heaped insane praise on Ali and highlighted that, while he didn’t seem to be the best at one particular skill, a mix of agility and speed meant he was a terrifying man to fight.

Fans will always wonder what might’ve happened if the dream fight had come true, but Tyson didn’t seem too keen on the idea, ending his interview in a joking manner.


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