Mike Tyson Get Frustrated With Co-host While Filming Podcast With Wiz Khalifa: “He Starts Sh*t All the Time”


Mike Tyson is known as the guy who doesn’t hesitate to express his true opinions. The former heavyweight champion has a vibrant and upfront personality. And that’s something intrinsic to ‘Iron Mike.’ He has been the same since his professional boxing days. In a recent episode of his podcast, the 56-year-old lost his cool on his co-host.

The episode had Wiz Khalifa present as a guest on the episode. Furthermore, Tyson and Khalifa took it as an opportunity and joked with the co-host. The snippet from the podcast episode will give the fans a glimpse of Tyson’s unwavering personality and just put his true opinions right on the table for everyone to see.

In the recent episode of hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the former champ got frustrated with his co-host for asking a dumb question. And, further, American rapper Wiz Khalifa joined in.

Mike Tyson lost his cool with his Co-host
For this particular episode of the podcast, DJ Whoo Kid was the co-host with Mike Tyson. And, unfortunately, on the receiving end of Tyson’s frustration. Whoo Kid had a question for Khalifa about the number of times he has named Mike Tyson in the ‘bars’ of his songs. Tyson had a witty reaction to this question.

First off, Tyson did not understand which ‘bars’ DJ was talking about as he confused it with the drinking bars. Further, as Khalifa was looking for a suitable answer to this question, Tyson pitched in and said, “You don’t have to answer that ni*** Wiz.”


Moreover, the American rapper joined Tyson to have some fun and said, “I entertain this fool because we’re friends.I know he don’t got nothing else to talk about.” The 56-year-old added, “He starts sh*t all the time.”

All three of them started laughing after this little deviated conversation. And it seemed that they all were having fun. DJ Whoo Kid did not take the mocking otherwise and understood that it was all being done in good spirits.

Mike Tyson doesn’t know why anybody would want his autograph
Further in the interview, Tyson talked about his gratefulness for everything in his life. And he further shared his bafflement with why anyone would want to take his autograph. He said, “I don’t know why anybody wants my autograph. I am just who I am.”

‘Iron Mike’ further added, “I am not malevolent. I’m not cool. I’m not crazy. I am Who I am.”

Wiz Khalifa showed his appreciation for Tyson. He said, “It’s awesome that you look as good as you do. You’re moving good.” Khalifa is a strong admirer of Tyson and how he has tackled problems in his life.


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