Muhammad Ali Vs Bob Foster: The Only One Who Cut Ali’S Face


A look back at the Muhammad Ali – Bob Foster bout of 1972. Deer Lake Muhammad Ali footage courtesy of Tysone 1971.

Bob Foster was one of the greatest light heavyweights of all time. 6’3″ 175 lbs with lightning fast hands.

Two amazingly tough guys going at it toe to toe. It’s incredible how in Ali’s long career he was able to avoid getting cut. Also, as far as I can remember, his eyes were never swollen shut nor did he break his nose. It was great to hear Ali speak about Foster with such respect after the fight. Thanks for your usual top notch job Rich.

“A good big guy will always beat a good little guy. ” – old boxing adage.

Bob Foster was as tough as they come, with a huge heart. He gave it everything he had, and then some. But, The Greatest was too big, and way too skilled. The big upset was not going to happen. Ali also showed an excellent sneaky left hook with surprising power. Awesome fight to watch, thanks for posting it.

I remember this one well. I had seen Ali and Foster devaste the Quarry brother some time earlier.Foster is my all time favorite Light Heavyweight. Ali’s hand speed and right hand over Foster’s jab and hooks were beautifully timed and Foster really paid the price for cutting Ali who never would be cut before or after this fight. Great video as always Rich!

It’s really disappointing how many fans of this internet age seem to have taken a dislike to Ali. I can only think they are young, because if you were lucky enough to experience the Ali era, it was a time w hen he was the most recognisable man on earth, and it seemed almost everyone had an interest when he fought. As for him being a show-off – of course he was, but a loveable one too! In this fight Foster had a good go and threw some bombs, but Ali toyed with him to give the fans a show, and as mentioned in other comments here, his right hand was so quick and had good power. What a great boxer and a great man!


I saw this fight when I was a little guy I thought Ali could never bleed Bob Foster is one of the greatest light heavyweight of all time a 180 pounder with power he just couldn’t get it done with the elite heavyweights once again your work is priceless Rich maybe one day you can pull up when Ali got his jaw broke by Ken Norton at Yankee stadium my dad took me to see that fight I cried when I heard his jaw was broken he and Sugar Ray Robinson are my top 2 fighters of all time happy holidays my fellow fight aficionado 🥊🥊🥊

I really love Bob Foster. Perhaps the best light heavyweight in my opinion. An interesting weight class. it’s always produced great fighters like Billy Conn, Archie Moore, Floyd Patterson, Bob Foster, Michael Spinks, and once upon a time Evander Holyfield. I think Bob was the best. Very dangerous to fight. Amazing counter puncher. And unlike so many sad stories of an impoverished post career Bob went on to a second career in law enforcement. Hell of a fighter. Not the kind of guy that was going to showcase Ali’s talent. In the end , however, Ali was a big man, and Foster wasn’t. I think Ali vs Foster was the fantasy that George Foreman had going into Rumble in the Jungle but cast himself as Ali. Big mistake. As big a mistake as Ali thinking Foster would be quick work.

Bob Foster was an Smart boxer, but Ali was too much and toyed with him, but Bob was the only one who cut Ali’s face.


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