How badly did Don King rob Mike Tyson? It’S Been Almost 40 Years Since Cus D’Amato Died, Mike Tyson Admits He’S Still “Scared”


Mike Tyson trained under the legendary boxing coach during the start of his career as he molded a young Tyson into one the most ferocious boxers on the planet. This made Tyson feared by all his opponents but Cus’s methods might have instilled fear in ‘Kid Dynamite.

Tyson made an appearance on the Tucker Carlson Show where he revealed that he was still afraid of D’Amato even though it has been 37 years since he passed away. Tyson stated that he was always afraid of his former mentor when he was alive, and the fear persists even after his death.

“I loved it someone cared about me and if anyone said something to me punch him in the face, attack him. I was always afraid of him. I’m afraid of him now. He made sure you were afraid of him” said Tyson.

The one thing Tyson did not do in the presence of D’Amato
It is well known that Tyson respected D’Amato and saw him as a father figure. This also meant that he did not do some things in his presence which he usually did with his peers.

“What does he think D’Amato would say to him if he saw the film and knew how his life had panned out? ” ‘You swear too much!’” asked the reporter

However, Tyson claimed that he never swore in front of his coach because he respected him too much. “I never swore in front of him.” said Tyson.

With him being one of the most vocal and ruthless athletes on the mic, it is surprising that Iron Mike would not dare speak profanity in front of D’Amato.

If Mike Tyson didn’t have Don King around to promote him, would he be a nobody?

No way. I imagine he would be a richer man than he currently is and probably have a better boxing record as well.


Tyson’s talent was undeniable and he had the perfect trainer in Cus D’amato. A decent manager would have found him in due time.


Don King was like cancer. An aggressive and malicious body that slowly wears you down and takes everything…

King was great at promotion, arguably the best hype man ever. But he was also a despicable human being, morally bankrupt, corrupt and totally ruthless. He murdered a man and got away with it. He stole millions & millions of Tyson’s money and got away with that too. He encouraged Iron Mike’s extravagant playboy lifestyle that led him to all sorts of terrible decisions culminating in the supposed rape of Desiree Washington and subsequent jail time.

Mike Tyson was a physical specimen and prodigious talent. He would have done just fine without King in my humble opinion as “the cream always rises to the top”…

How badly did Don King rob Mike Tyson? It’S Been Almost 40 Years Since Cus D’Amato Died, Mike Tyson Admits He’S Still “Scared”
Apparently Johnny Walker has insider info on the actual law firm King used to screw over Tyson and the rest of Kings charges.

Seriously, as a kid 50 yrs ago and an Ali fan, I’d heard Don King was poision. Nothing I’ve ever read about him since has been good. You hear that so and so was a bad promoter- and then find out he helped old ladies across the road or did something decent in his life. Or that such and such fighter will diss his manager and another fighter will defend him. Even Dana White has some fans but not King who for longer than I’ve been alive he has been a cancer on boxing.


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