Mike Tyson Announces Massive ‘Rush Hour 4’ Collaboration With Jackie Chan Who Used To Belittle His Punches


If there’s one name that recurs with boxing is “Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. The G.O.A.Ts have forever engraved their names in the boxing arena. Although hailed as an undisputed martial arts legend, Jackie Chan had some countering views. Snubbing Mike Tyson for Bruce Lee as the world’s “fastest puncher,” the Hong Kong star now prepares to share the screen with Tyson.

Putting rest to all speculations, the martial artist at the Red Sea International Film Festival (RSIFF) in Saudi Arabia has finally confirmed that the fourth installment of the famous comedy movie Rush Hour is on the cards. Moreover, doubling the fun, fans will get to see Jackie, Chris, and Mike share the screen space for the first time.

The update so far, as revealed by Jackie Chan
The fourth installment of the iconic American action comedy has been rumored for many years. Though the news was often eventually refuted, the lead actor himself confirmed the return. Though Chan did not dive much into the details, he said, “I will see the director tonight, and we will be talking about it.”


As Chan revealed that Mike would appear in Rush Hour 4, it would be a delight for fans to see the martial artist and boxing champion share the screen. Hopefully, maybe this time, seeing Mike from close, Chan’s view on the world’s fastest puncher will change.

When Chan chose Bruce Lee over Boxing-legend Mike Tyson
Having seen Lee, Chan knows, “When Bruce Lee kicks, you don’t shut your eyes because when you shut your eyes, you can’t see Bruce Lee kick.” If compared to Mike, Lee may look little because of their apparent weight difference, but the latter punching skills remain unmatched.

Landing punches at an astonishing speed of 190km/hr Chan is confident that Lee is the “fastest puncher.”

Talking about Lee’s inhuman speed, Chan remarked, “Even Muhammed Ali, right now Tyson, they punch at you fast. But, you still can see.”


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