Mike Tyson Broke The Controversy When Bouncer Knocks Out 2 Hecklers By Channelizing His Inner Mike Tyson


The boxing world has often stood witness to the explosiveness that former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, exhibited inside the ring. And his opponents were a testament to his iconic phrase, ‘everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’. In fact, in a recent brawl, two hecklers were left at a loss for plans after a bouncer channeled his inner Tyson.

A recent video on Reddit showed a brawl that took place at the gates of, what looked like, a pub. Two instigators, one wearing a purple t-shirt and another in a grey t-shirt, were seen trying to enter the venue. However, the bouncer at the door dissuaded them from doing so.

In what looked like an unholy union of blind rage and bad decisions, the man in the grey proceeded to punch the bouncer in the face.

The bouncer, on the other hand, was unfazed by the attack. He focalized his inner Mike Tyson, to clock the man out with a brutal right hook. The man in the purple t-shirt also let his intrusive thoughts win by quickly coming to his friend’s aid. But, he was unable to land a punch and was quickly sent crashing to the concrete by the same right hook.

The man tried attacking the bouncer once again. Yet, as luck would have, he dived nose-first into a jab and ended up kissing the concrete once again.

Redditors react to the bouncer channeling his inner Mike Tyson
A lot of users were surprised that the men attacked the bouncer despite his formidable size. ESPiN2019 mentioned, “One simple look at these bouncers and common sense would suggest – let’s not fuck with these guys. I guess not.”


“So you saw 3 dudes that were +6’5”, and +275lbs, and you said…. Ahhh, I’ll give it a shot?!? Some people don’t have a sense of self-preservation.”

“Obliterated twice. Night night.”
“The head bounce did a quick memory wipe. I call it a dirty second wind.”
‘My guy was an absolute unit of a person. And he was handing out cans for all who wanted them.”

Mike Tyson Broke The Controversy When He Was Offered A Job… Of The US Department Of Agriculture

Mike Tyson, a former world heavyweight champion, is an entrepreneur and has invested in a cannabis farm in the US. And agriculture Minister Lobin Low sent a letter to Tyson inviting him to take up the role, and said legalisation in Malawi had created new opportunities.

But the move has been criticised by some as the former boxer was imprisoned for sex offences in the 1990s.

“Malawi may not go it alone as the industry is complex [and requires] collaboration. I would therefore like to appoint you, Mr Mike Tyson, as Malawi’s Cannabis Branch ambassador,” Mr Lowe wrote.

The United States Cannabis Association was facilitating the deal with Tyson, the agriculture ministry said.
“Tyson will be working with us,” she said.

The government hopes Mr Tyson’s backing will “rope in some investors and even potential buyers”, ministry spokesman Gracian Lungu told the AFP news agency.

Tyson has said smoking cannabis helped improve his mental health and turn his life around. Some studies, however, have suggested smoking potent cannabis can increase your risk of serious mental illness.


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