Mike Tyson: Naoya Inoue Is One Boxer Who Does Not Get The Publicity He Deserves


Despite his retirement from the ring, Mike Tyson’s views continue to be highly influential in the boxing community. The well-known podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” is hosted by him. He covers a variety of issues that interest the public, including sports-related topics, in the podcast. The former heavyweight champion was recently questioned regarding the current underrated boxer in the sport.

The boxing community occasionally becomes overly engrossed in watching boxers with high marketability ratings. Naturally, many boxers with remarkable skills but are not very good at the show business component of boxing are overlooked. Tyson gave his opinion on who he believes to be undervalued and explained why in an interview with ESPN’s “First Take.”

Who is the most underrated boxer, according to Tyson?

According to Tyson, Naoya Inoue is one boxer who does not get the publicity he deserves. Inoue is a professional bantamweight boxer fighting out of Japan. In his 24 bouts, the Japanese fighter managed to secure 21 knockouts under his belt.

Tyson revealed his choice of the most underrated boxer and also st ated his reason behind selecting the 30-year-old boxer. He stated, “The guy who’s fighting Stephen Fulton – Naoya Inoue. No one knows him because he’s in one of those really small weight divisions, but wow he’s exciting. Th at fight’s gonna be amazing.”


Tyson is right in pointing out that, a boxer in a lower-weight category can also be an exciting fighter. Inoue has impeccable speed and agility which fetched the 30-year-old an undefeated boxing record. With time, he is only going to get better and Tyson finds it necessary to give the credit that the bantamweight fighter deserves.


Tyson gets a reality check at the weigh-in of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight

Tyson retired from the sport of boxing in the year 2005 citing that he didn’t have it in him to compete anymore at the highest level. However, recently at the weigh-in of Paul-Fury, the former boxer got a reality check. In an episode of his podcast he stated, “I was at a weigh in Saudi Arabia that’s why I do miss this stuff.” He adds, “I do miss this stuff. You miss being the centre of attention.”

Though, Tyson did make his return to the boxing ring in the year 2020 against Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout. If he does express his desire to come back to boxing again, would you be interested to see “The Baddest Man On The Planet” lace up his boxing gloves again? If so, against which boxer or combatant? Let us know your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.


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