Mike Tyson Reveals A Wild Prison Story With Comedian Tommy Davidson


Mike Tyson has led a life that few people can even imagine. The former heavyweight champion has led an unusual life that includes owning tigers in his backyard and stunning knockouts in the ring. He also experienced numerous low points in his life, one of which was his 1992 conviction for rape and subsequent imprisonment. Tyson was given a 6-year prison term, but he only served three of those years before being freed in 1995.

The popular podcast “Hotboxin with Mike Tyson” is currently hosted by the former boxer. In one of the most recent podcasts of the program, Tommy Davidson was a guest. The two talked about Davidson’s encounter with Tyson in prison as well as other topics.

Comedian Tommy Davidson Recalls Meeting Mike Tyson in Prison

Davidson is a popular comedian and entertainer. He has been in the public limelight for decades and is a good friend of Tyson. On the show, he reminisced about the time he went to meet Tyson in prison and also mentioned the reason behind the same. The comedian felt that Tyson needed a companion as he was going through the most difficult period in his life.

He said, “He was in there by his f*cking self. Tryna figures out what happened. I didn’t want him to be in there thinking that nobody loved him. So I went there by all myself. We had a nice long talk.”


He also said that he needed advice from Tyson as he was going through some troubles in his life as well. Davidson adds, “You know I was going through stuff too. He told me, right before we were leaving there was a long hallway. He said aye Tommy, I said yo. He said read. Muhammad couldn’t read. So god told me you read life. Just read life.”

Davidson has immense respect for Tyson and the fact that the comedian remembers the advice given to him showcases the influence of Tyson on people.

Tyson reveals a wild prison story

Tyson has spent 3 years of his life in jail. Once while coming out of the prison gym, the former boxer was stunned to see the prison guards intoxicated. He also mentioned how those guards use to take off their shirt and get into fights.


He states, “He had **** he’s just kicked these COs a** even when they got out of the handcuffs. He’d be walking. He breaks their legs right here.”

Fortunately, the former boxer came out of prison with valuable life lessons and now lives a peaceful life with his family, keeping himself out of trouble. How do you think Tyson’s experience in prison shaped him into the person he is now? Let us know in the comments


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