Comedian Jokes About Mike Tyson’S Ex-Wife To His Face! Tyson’S Reaction Inside


Nobody would dare to make fun of Mike Tyson, often known as “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” in public. Tyson has demonstrated quite the attitude for accepting jokes about himself, despite his appearance and his absolute savagery in the ring. He even demonstrated his sense of humor by taking part in Comedy Central’s Charlie Sheen roast in the past. When a comedian recently appeared on his show, Tyson once again shown his ability to not take himself too seriously.

Comedian Jokes About Mike Tyson’s Ex-Wife to His Face! Tyson’s Reaction Inside

On a recent episode of Mike Tyson’s podcast ‘Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson’ comedian Tommy Davidson appeared as a guest. At the beginning of the episode, Mike Tyson told DjWhooKid about Davidson’s imitation skills. While imitating Tyson, Davidson ended up sharing the hilarious story of the time he did a skit on Tyson and his ex-wife, Robin Givens.

Mike Tyson approves as Davidson shares a godsend skit that got him a standing ovation

Comedian Tommy Davidson appeared on Mike Tyson’s podcast and shared a story about his experience performing stand-up comedy. Davidson discussed how he adopts the mindset of a boxer when performing and joked about the Sugar Ray Leonard bit. He discussed the challenges of choosing material, revealing that his set was being continuously edited by his manager due to jokes overlapping with other comedians.


However, he was able to improvise a sketch about Robin Givens being RoboCop, where she demands Mike’s wallet. The skit went like this: Givens first grabs Mike and says, “Mike, give me your wallet, you have 5 seconds to comply”. Mike replies, “I don’t know, I got nothing to give”. She replies, “You are going to do that”.


Tyson found the bit hilarious and fist-bumped Davidson in approval. The story ended with Davidson receiving a standing ovation and successfully concluding his set. Tyson’s reaction was positive and showed his appreciation for the improvised bit.

Tommy Davidson’s Sugar Ray Leonard impression amuses Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson then thanked Tommy Davidson and quoted, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”. He then said that he was very grateful and said, “Thank you”. After this, Davidson decided to do the Sugar Ray Leonard bit Mike Tyson asked him to do previously. Mike Tyson appeared very happy and said, “Oh! Please do that!” and called Davidson ‘brilliant’.

Davidson then did an impression of Sugar Ray’s voice. He joked in Ray’s voice, “One thing I like about Sugar Ray is he tries to make sense of the stuff that doesn’t make sense…” After finishing with his impression, he revealed that when he did the impression in form of Sugar Ray, he just looked at Davidson without saying anything.

Sugar Ray Leonard is considered one of the best boxers in history. Even Muhammad Ali has referred to him as his “Idol”.


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