Muhammad Ali’S Daughter Confesses The Privilege And Pressure Of Losing Her Privacy As The Daughter Of The Country’S Most Famous Person


Former middleweight champion and daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali had a childhood like no other. While she enjoyed the privilege of being the daughter of the most famous person in the country, she also had to burden the pressure that came along with it.

However, there were instances when Laila felt alienated from her father. In addition, she detailed how despite having the lavish bedroom she wasn’t fully free in that household.

Laila Ali describes her childhood bedroom inside Muhammad Ali’s home
Unsurprisingly she described it as a stunning yellow-painted room that had also had a stuffed deer in it, still engraved in her mind as a vivid childhood memory

“When I look back at my bedroom in Fremont Place, the picture is strange. It wasn’t your average lad’s room. It was set up for me, like a model home set up for potential buyers. It had an unlived-in feeling. It was almost too stunn ing, too perfect. the room was painted storybook yellow. Next to my daybed stood a stuffed baby deer, a real animal with bright eyes and shiny coat. I don’t know who put it there, but it remained a fixture of my childhood.” she wrote


However, this bedroom would become a thorn in Laila’s privacy as she revealed a practice by her father that was an invasion of her privacy.


Laila details how her father’s practice invaded her privacy
In the next line she revealed that her father made sure that her door was open at all times. This meant anyone could come and peep into her room which made her feel very vulnerable. In addition, Ali’s home was always filled with strangers which only made Laila more fearful.

My door was half-glass with a stained-glass rainbow, so anyone could peer in. A glass cabinet containing a collection of plates with images of fairies stood next to my bed. I found myself cleaning and organizing those plates until late in the night. I didn’t play with many toys or dolls. Like the plates behind the glass, l felt like I was living under glass. With so many strangers moving through the house, I felt on display; I felt vulnerable.”

Laila felt that she was subjected to an unfair practice by her father as her mother was allowed to keep her door closed. However, given that Laila was just a small child at the time in such a large house, her father’s actions seem a little justifiable although some can question its morality.


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