WWWE Star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Chokes Up As He Reveals His ‘Most Meaningful’ Wrestling Match


Before Dwayne Johnson made his mark in Hollywood, he basically owned the wrestling scene for years as The Rock. The WWE superstar never failed to entertain his fans and every time he entered the wrestling ring, he gave his best.

Although during the course of his wrestling career, the actor has added various remarkable matched to his resume, in the latest video posted on his Instagram, Dwayne opened up about his most memorable match. He got very emotional while talking about the fight and could bare hold back.

“Most meaningful match of my wrestling career? Honolulu, Hawaii. No big PPV show or TV production. One match,” he wrote in the caption. One night only. Sell out hometown crowd. The first and only time I would ever wrestle in my islands,” he added. In the match, he locked horns with Chris Jericho and he fondly referred to him as a ‘great dance partner’ in the video. “The one match, that I will always carry with me deep in my heart and my bones, happened in Hawaii. It was a what we call a live event or a house show in the world of professional wrestling,”.

Giving a back story about why the venue is still close to his heart, he said “As many of you know I did a lot of my growing up Hawaii and when we were there, my grandfather was a professional wrestler. The first pro wrestler to put the island on the map. My grandfather owned a professional wrestling promotion that he and my grandmother ran. My dad and my mom helped them too as well. They struggled man, with the promotion. All five of us lived in a little apartment,” he recalled. In the caption, he mentioned that Hawaii always represented struggle for him.


“For decades, Hawaii always represented struggle and grit for my family,” he wrote. While he eventually moved out of Hawaii, he never gave up the dream of becoming a professional wrestler and when he made it to the wrestling scene, and when he was at the height of his professional wrestling career, he was offered a chance of going back to the island. Even though it was just a small local event, he grabbed the opportunity and went for the match. “I said it would be the most meaningful show of my life,” he recalled.

He flew his entire family to be with him during the special event, including his grandmother. The actor got goosebumps just talking about it. “She was sitting there, my music hits, I come out. I see them. Give everybody kiss in the front row. It was a phenomenal match, Chris Jericho was a great dance partner for me. Afterword I get on the mic and I thank everybody and I just let them know how meaningful this is to me and to my family,” he said fighting back his tears.

After the match was over, he and his family went to the locker room and celebrated. And it was his mother’s reaction to the fight that made him super emotional.

He then tanked his fan for asking him that question and admitted that he almost cried while talking about the whole experience. “Thanks for hanging in there while I got emo. I’m poised and experienced enough to take long pause and smile so I don’t start the attractive ugly cry,” the caption read.


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