Who Was The One That Handed The Undertaker’S First Loss At The Clash Of The Immortals?


However, despite The Undertaker’s strong booking, it does happen. For this piece, let’s take a look at seven wrestlers who have a winning record over The Undertaker. This piece will only consider The Undertaker’s single matches.

Brock Lesnar
Record vs. The Undertaker: 4-1

Everyone knows that Brock Lesnar was the one that handed The Undertaker’s first loss at the clash of the immortals. His resounding victory over the Undertaker at WWE Wrestlemania XXX immediately catapulted him into one of the most dominant forces in WWE.

But aside from that victory, Lesnar has beaten the Dead Man handily on other occasions. Lesnar successfully defended his title twice against Taker at WWE No Mercy in 2002 and 2003 in a Hell In a Cell and Biker’s Chain match, respectively. Lesnar also defeated Taker in their final encounter in 2015 that put an end to their destructive rivalry.


Steve Austin
Record vs. The Undertaker: 8-7

Steve Austin and The Undertaker had a lot of battles back in the day, 15 single matches to be exact. The two went back and forth in a span of six years. While the Texas Rattlesnake holds a winning record over The Dead Man, his most emphatic victory came in the Summerslam 1998.

In a match that lasted almost 21 minutes, Austin defeated The Undertaker after hitting him with a signature Stone Cold Stunner off a low-blow to retain the WWE Championship.


Chris Jericho
Record vs. The Undertaker: 1-0

It’s a shame that we never got to see Chris Jericho and The Undertaker engage in a singles matchup at a WWE pay-per-view. Despite the two peaking during the same era, Jericho and The Undertaker never really met as they were both working in different factions. Fortunately, we did see them clash one time at an episode in WWE Smackdown.


Thanks to the interference of Edge that saw him give a spear to The Undertaker, Chris Jericho was able to hit the codebreaker on his opponent which led to the former’s victory. Although he didn’t win cleanly, Jericho can say he has a winning record over The Undertaker.

Roman Reigns
Record vs. The Undertaker: 1-0

Like Jericho, we never really saw a lot between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker. Although they did share the ring a handful of times when Reigns was still running with The Shield, the two would only meet once. And for Reigns, this was already a huge victory in his career.

Roman Reigns fought The Undertaker in a No Holds Barred Match at Wrestlemania 33. In their lone match, Reigns delivered a thunderous spear to become only the second wrestler after Brock Lesnar to defeat the Dead Man in the showcase of the immortals.

Vince McMahon
Record: 1-0

While Vince McMahon never really wrestled full time in the ring, he still managed to get victories over superstars such as John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and even The Undertaker.

The former chairman of WWE engaged with The Undertaker on several skits. However, it was the Buried Alive Match with The Undertaker that stood out the most. Although The Undertaker was heavily favored and pretty much dominated McMahon, the help of Kane helped McMahon not only survive but also put away The Undertaker.

The Undertaker’s onscreen brother, Kane, would knock out his brother, as McMahon climbed up the tractor to complete the burial.


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