Do You Remember Zach Gowen Singles Outing With Brock Lesnar On Wwe Smackdown From About Twenty Years Ago? “I Whooped His A**”


Zach Gowen was a mainstay on WWE SmackDown between 2003 and 2004. Back then, Lesnar was the biggest heel on the blue brand. The duo collided in a singles match on an episode of SmackDown on August 21, 2003.

Brock Lesnar destroyed Gowen mercilessly right in front of his mother, who was sitting at ringside. By the time Lesnar was done with Gowen, the latter was left lying in a pool of his own blood. While speaking with Steve Fall of Ten Count, Gowen opened up about the DQ victory and had an amusing four-word response to the same:

“I think about the match that I had with Brock Lesnar. That was one of the most violent, bloody matches in WWE history. I whooped his a**.”

Brock Lesnar established himself as a ruthless heel that night
Fans still remember Lesnar’s vicious and unforgiving assault on Zach Gowen during that match. The Beast didn’t hold back one bit, and the referee finally had to disqualify him, thus awarding the DQ victory to Gowen.


Lesnar was steadily getting over as a hated heel leading up to the match. His brutal beating on Zach Gowen was more than enough for fans to despise him and relentlessly boo him. Mere days after the bout, Lesnar met Kurt Angle at SummerSlam with the latter’s WWE Championship on the line.

Lesnar’s actions towards Gowen were instrumental in Angle being loudly cheered by the capacity crowd at the event. The 21-minute bout ended with Angle defeating The Beast via submission and retaining his title, despite Vince McMahon’s attempts to help the challenger win.

Do you remember Zach Gowen’s singles outing with Lesnar on WWE SmackDown from about twenty years ago?


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