Edge Reveals The Superstar Who Should Have Broken The Undertaker’S Streak Instead Of Brock Lesnar


Edge made an appearance on the Busted Open podcast to promote his upcoming movie ‘Money Plane’, and The Rated-R Superstar also shared his thoughts about the ending of The Undertaker’s streak.

Edge, who himself was once in contention to break the streak at WrestleMania 24, refused the offer as he didn’t see how a win against The Undertaker would have elevated him and his star power. Edge was already an established name at that time, and he didn’t need the honor of breaking the streak.

The 11-time World Champion had the same reasoning about Brock Lesnar breaking the streak as the Beast Incarnate didn’t need it either.

The streak had become more significant than the title matches on the WrestleMania card, and as per Edge, the streak should have been broken in the Undertaker’s final match.

Edge would have loved to see Roman Reigns end the streak
Edge explained that the ideal decision would have been to push a new talent to break the streak, a young workhorse Superstar who’d carry the company into the next generation.

According to Edge, Roman Reigns would have been the perfect man to end the streak.

Edge had the following to say:

“I don’t know how far it was rolling, until it got to me, but once it got to me, that’s when it stopped rolling. I think once I said no, well, they’re not gonna do it. My reasoning was I felt while looking at WrestleMania, the card, we need The Streak. You have all the title matches. You have Money in the Bank. I’m looking at the strength of the card. If I end The Streak, well next year, we don’t have The Streak as one of the calling cards of WrestleMania, and to me, it became more important than the title matches almost. To me, it shouldn’t have ended until his final match. I said for years, let it be Roman, and at the end of the day, that will be the true passing of the torch. Well, it didn’t end up that way.”


“I know this sounds crazy, but I felt I didn’t need it because by that point, I was already established. I was already a made man, and why give an already made man that feather in the cap? “Brock Lesnar didn’t need it. He’s already made. Put that huge, neon-flashing sign, ‘I ended Undertaker’s Streak’, on a new player that you know is gonna be one of your workhorses and take your company to the next generation.”

Many fans would agree with Edge’s stance on The Undertaker’s streak as WWE may have squandered the opportunity to give a new star the much-needed rub.


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