Mike Tyson: She Hits The Ball Like A Savage


Mike Tyson has revealed that his daughter Milan can pack quite a punch. In a video for FightCamp on YouTube, the interviewer asked ‘Iron’ Mike if his daughter can punch. Tyson replied:

“Yeah, she still love it, so of course she hits the ball like a savage.”

‘The Baddest Man on The Planet’ spoke about how he was proud of his daughter for staying in shape doing something she loves. He also spoke about how other girls her age find comfort in food and he’s glad his daughter is not at that point. Milan Tyson is 13-years-old and she can throw a punch, just like her father. At the age of 14, Tyson himself was sparring people much older than him.

At the age of 15, ‘Iron’ Mike did not look his age at all. His trainer would even pass him on as an 18-year-old when he would beat fighters older than him. It will be interesting to see if Tyson’s daughter decides to go down the same path as her father. Having ‘Iron’ Mike himself as her coach, she could definitely do some damage.


Mike Tyson advices Jermall Charlo to fight as much as he can in his prime


Mike Tyson had Jermall Charlo on as a guest in his latest podcast episode. Charlo sat down alongside Paul Pierce to discuss everything boxing. ‘Iron’ Mike took the opportunity to give Charlo some advice:

“Man you should be fighting. They gonna wait till you get out of your prime then fight you. You should be fighting them right now in the best prime. You should be calling them out.”
Paul Pierce added that he believes Jermall Charlo is the best anyway, to which Tyson responded:

“Well I think that too but I need him to prove it. The world needs him to prove it. Before he goes to a wheelchair or something man, come on we gotta start fighting.”

Tyson went on to say that Charlo should take on ‘The Mexican Monster’ David Benavidez. Instead of calling Canelo out to no avail, he should focus on fighting the next best guy and getting in the ring with him. This is exactly what Canelo himself said about fighters like Charlo and Benavidez who were calling him out.


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