Why Is Brock Lesnar Called The Most Decorated Combat Sports Star Of All Time?


WWE has produced numerous superstars, but none compare to Brock Lesnar. He has a unique build. There are many champions who are technically proficient and have fantastic bodies, but none can match Brock Lesnar’s tank-like stature. He had noticeable abs and big muscles over muscles when he originally made his WWE debut as the Next Big Thing. He also moved around like a cruiserweight to boast about.


Brock Lesnar’s background is well documented. South Dakota native Lesnar attended the University of Minnesota on a full wrestling scholarship. At the 1999 NCAA championship, Lesnar finished second in the heavyweight division. He concluded the year with a 33-0 record and was undefeated, winning the NCAA heavyweight title. He is exceptional.


Currently, Brock Lesnar is having a feud with Cody Rhodes turning heel. On, this week’s RAW Cody Rhodes attacked Brock Lesnar injuring his nose. But, today the question is why is Brock Lesnar called the most decorated combat sports star of all time.

So, first, he may not be the best but he is one of the best. Whether it is WWE or MMA he has always been dedicated and honest towards his work. Also, those who doubt that Lesnar is just a pro wrestler then you are wrong. He is a well-trained wrestler, who is so strong that he can just squash someone with his bare hands.

A tank like body, but moves like a cruiserweight
The former 10-time world champion Brock Lesnar is regarded as The Beast Incarnate for his immense muscular body, which he displayed throughout his career. From his early days in the industry to the present, he was a physical specimen, and fans across the world have long questioned how Lesnar managed to stay in such good form all these years. Lesnar is designed for conflict sports, as seen by his accomplishments in pro wrestling and mixed martial arts.


Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
Those who think that MMA isn’t for real, go ask Brock Lesnar. Even though Lesnar is 5-3, still he was one of the biggest draw in UFC history. Transitioning from WWE to UFC, then going on to win and become the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Then, trying to manhandle Daniel Cormier like a rag doll, who would doubt this guy isn’t the most decorated combat sports star of all time? Lesnar won the UFC heavyweight championship defeating Frank Mir.

Lesnar lost his UFC debut against Frank Mir via knee bar. They fought again at UFC 100, with radically different outcomes. After smashing away at Mir’s face for a round and a half, Lesnar won via TKO. It was a brutal beating against the man who had previously defeated him, who was now standing atop again.

Freak of an athlete
Lesnar is just out of the world. His strength is undeniable but over that, his athleticism is a bonus. Lesnar is one of the most powerful MMA heavyweights, but his athleticism is what sets him apart. If the fact that he nearly made the Minnesota Vikings despite having no football experience wasn’t enough, check out his WWE highlights. His brute power is clear, but keep an eye out for his quickness. His hand-eye coordination is excellent. He has excellent footwork and speed, especially given his height.


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