Mike Tyson, Who Earned $700 Million From His Passion, Stops Grammy-Award Winning Rapper From Making Ruinous Mistake


Boxing legend Mike Tyson was an enigma when it came to sweet science. Not only was the former heavyweight champion one of the best boxers in the world, but he was also one of the sport’s most popular stars having the power to captivate audiences with his vicious fighting style. This led Iron Mike to gain massive purses for his fight accruing wealth and fame unmatched by any that came before him.

Over the course of his career, Tyson faced off against some of the greatest boxers of his time, including Larry Holmes, Frank Bruno, and Evander Holyfield. Each fight brought with it a massive payday, as Tyson became one of the highest-paid athletes of his era. However, he lost all his wealth and declared bankruptcy in 2003. Therefore it is safe to say he has some experience with how money is detrimental to a person’s livelihood. Moreover, he even gave some advice to the Grammny-winning artist Neo who was willing to give his talents away for free.

Mike Tyson stops Ne-Yo from making music for free
In a recent episode of his podcast Hotboxin, Tyson and the musician were talking about their passions. Ne-Yo would then claim that he was so passionate about making music that he would be willing to do it for free. However, the musician took his words back as soon as he realized the magnitude of his claims. “I would do music for free, let me take that back. Cut that out you gonna pay me” said Ne-Yo.


Moreover, Tyson went on to suggest that Ne-Yo should not make such rash claims. “Don’t say that” said Tyson. The former champion’s advice to Ne-Yo regarding the value of his artistry highlights the importance of recognizing one’s worth. While the singer initially joked about doing music for free, it would not have benefitted him in any way. Moreover, Tyson who made a fortune doing what he loved proves that one can follow his passion and also make money with it.

How much did Tyson make in his boxing career?
The former champion has earned and lost millions in his illustrious boxing career. During the peak of his powers, he earned around $430 million from all of his fights which would amount to $700 million when adjusted for inflation. However, he squandered all his wealth and was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2003.

Despite this, Tyson would bounce back and make a career for himself in acting and also branch out into other businesses.

Now, ‘Iron Mike’ owns several successful businesses, especially in the cannabis industry which has boosted his net worth to $10 million. Although this is far from his boxing days, he is currently living a quite stable life and his journey only showcases the ups and downs that life provides.


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