Mike Tyson Fans Livid After Tweet Hints LeBron James Would Knock Out ‘Iron’ In His Prime


NBA legend LeBron James has established as one of the most skilful players to ever take the basketball court.

However, along with his slick moves and his natural skill to manoeuvre the ball.

The Los Angeles Lakers star possesses sheer strength, speed, And his body condition makes him one of the fiercest players ever in the sport.

LeBron James has spent millions of dollars and countless hours in the gym to be as big. And strong he is and one fan believes that the NBA legend would be able to contain. And knockout boxing legend Mike Tyson if a Mike Tyson vs LeBron James fight ever happened.

Boxing fans lash out at after tweet suggests LeBron would knock out Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson fans took serious offence when a tweet suggested. That the boxing legend would be knocked out by the NBA star if a Mike Tyson vs LeBron James boxing match ever happened.

The tweet suggests that if the former Cleveland Cavaliers star took to the ring, he’d completely be able to contain the legendary boxer.

However, fans responded in style by trolling the LeBron James fans, with one user uploading a clip of LeBron James colliding with an opposition player on the court and falling down.


Another fan suggested that a Mike Tyson punch would ‘kill’ the NBA legend. And uploaded a clip where the Los Angeles Lakers star was hit by a basketball badly all of a sudden.

Another fan suggested that LeBron James won’t be able to look for flopping fouls in the ring.

And further stated that a 55-year-old Mike Tyson could law his hands on the NBA legend and walk unscathed.

Another Twitter user uploaded a video of Mike Tyson practising with his trainer where ‘Iron’ throws in some heavy punches.

Mike Tyson boxing return
‘Iron’ Mike is all set to return to boxing after a 15-year gap this year.

Tyson announced earlier this year that he had been training to return to boxing and plans to take part in four-round exhibition fights for charity.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ crashed to a defeat against Kevin McBride back in 2005, which was his last fight in the ring.

However, Mike Tyson lost a remarkable 69lbs ahead of his boxing comeback. And has delighted his faithful fans with training footage that revealed that ‘Iron’ had not lost his touch despite his 15-year absence.


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