Triple H Has Big Plans to Catapult World Heavyweight Championship to Its Original Status


The World Heavyweight Championship was once seen as equal to the WWE Championship. However, the latest reincarnation of the prestigious title is seen by many as secondary to the titles in the possession of Roman Reigns. With the Tribal Chief ruling the roost with an iron fist, Triple H was forced to introduce a second world championship for the brand without the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

There is an ongoing tournament to decide the inaugural champion of the title. However, there is a concern that the title will always be seen as a consolation prize. However, if recent reports are to go by, then it appears that the WWE is already working to ensure that this is not the case.

Triple H has big plans to catapult World Heavyweight Championship to its original status
According to Boozer666, who h as been very accurate with his WWE reports in recent months, the WWE under Triple H, has big plans for the newly minted title. The promotion is working on a storyline that will help bring back the prestige the title had in its previous incarnation.


“There are big plans for the new WHC title. It will have a story that will catapult the title to its original status. All in soon to come plans.”

Triple H is known to be an old school wrestling fan and is very fond of the World Heavyweight Championship. It will be interesting to see what measures he takes for the World Heavyweight Championship to be seen at the same level as the WWE and Universal Championships.

But before that, fans are eager to see who the winner of the ongoing tournament will be.

Seth Rollins won both his triple threat match and the semifinal clash against Finn Balor on Monday. AJ Styles did the same on SmackDown, winning his triple threat match and then beating Bobby Lashley in the semifinal. With this victory, he has now booked a date with Rollins at Night of Champions.


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