Stevie Wonder’s Terrified Response to Mike Tyson’s Viral Threat Sends Shockwaves


Mike Tyson, the former two-time heavyweight champion was very short-tempered.

Jamie Foxx, the Academy Award-winning comedic actor, who saw ‘The Baddest Man on Planet’ closely says that the latter used to beat people for wearing the wrong shirts. Interestingly, Tyson made these stories in his heydays.

Now, he has undergone a drastic change. The 57-year-old has totally transformed himself.

Now whenever he comes across these events in interviews or podcasts, he gives a smile. He knows he was like that and he cannot do anything about that.


Foxx, who dubs the iconic heavyweight as bigger than life has witnessed Tyson’s wrath. Actaully, he watched Tyson go all the way up and then crash down. He observed him so meticulously that he impersonated him on several occassions. The 55-year-old playing the role of Tyson in the latter’s biography clearly recalls that party in which Tyson lost his patience due to a song called ‘The thong song’.

The party was at Tyson’s house in Vegas and he had just came out of jail. In those days, Foxx was also living in Vegas so he attended that party. Stevie Wonder, the veteran singer, song-writer, and musician was playing piano there and when he heard Tyson shouting at random girl, he was scared to death. Well acquinted with Tyson’s behavior, Foxx gave him comfort in hard times with a warning.


Jaime Foxx reenacts Stevie Wonder’s reactions after Mike Tyson’s warning to a random woman
A clip of Foxx impersonating Tyson and then reenacting Steve Wonder’s reaction recently surfaced on Twitter. In clip Foxx clearly showed how Tyson made the entire atmosphere hostile when a random girl approached him to take a picture.

Foxx as Tyson, “Mike, ‘can I take a picture?’ “Get the f**k away from me. You don’t want to take a picture. You want to put me back the jail.”

Foxx continued, “We were like whoa! ‘Put me back in jail’ and he started raging and the bodyguards go like, ‘Yo Mike’ Mike is like ‘get away from me, get away with it’ and I literally remember Stevie Wonder not knowing what’s going on and I said Steven sit down today you don’t want to catch a right or something. His notion was to just flee. He has to flee.”

This is one of many incidents where Tyson shows why people were scared of him.


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