Brutal Admission: Mike Tyson Reveals Shocking Act Of Violence Against Don King, Driven By Twisted Love


Mike Tyson has revealed that he kicked and beat his promoter Don King back in the day because of his love for him.

King and boxing legend Tyson had a strained relationship that was tainted by the promoter’s stance on financial dealings.

Tyson accused King of defrauding him out of millions of dollars during their relationship and filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit against him in 1998, earning 14 million dollars in the end.



“We’re driving and next thing I know I freaked out and I kicked the guy,” Tyson reminisced on his Hotboxin’ Podcast back in 2020.

“As soon as I kicked him [King] in the back of the head he puts on the breaks. As soon as we stop, I’m beating him in the car.

“I’m trying to get the girl in the front seat to hold him so he can’t run because I couldn’t [hit] him the way I wanted to.

“As soon as I let him go he got out of the car. I tried to run across and he did a little back turn and got back in the front, drove off and left me on the highway.”


Tyson also stated that he knocked out King’s bodyguard because he was way too mad at the promoter.

“Then one of his security guys in a Rolls Royce comes, he thinks we’re stuck on the road,” Tyson added.

“He pulls over and I’m mad because he’s Don’s security guard so I give him a shot. Pow. He’s out cold right in the middle of the street.”




Tyson expected to be arrested
Tyson recalled that he was carrying drugs with him, but a police officer helped him not get caught.

“A police car comes. The guy is out. I have cocaine and marijuana in a box that my girlfriend was holding,” Tyson quipped.

“The officer puts us in the car and brings us to the hotel and asks me, ‘Are you okay Mr Tyson?’

“I replied, ‘Thank you very much, officer.’

“F***ing bricks of cocaine and marijuana everything I got in there. He took us to the hotel. I should be in handcuffs. Somebody is out cold on the highway. He didn’t ask me s***.

“I’m thinking he’s taking us to the police station… He took us right to the hotel.”


Years later, Tyson has grown into a much more relaxed person with a whole different perspective on his past misadventures.

“I’m sorry I did that,” Tyson touched upon it on The Pivot podcast this month.

“[He was] f***ing with money and s***. Not doing the right s***.”

When asked why he didn’t initially go the legal way, Tyson responded: “Exactly, that’s the route I would normally take.


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