How Old Would Mike Tyson Have To Be For An Average Guy To Have A Chance At Beating Him In A Boxing Match?


Originally Answered: How old would Mike Tyson have to be for an average guy have a chance at beating him in a boxing match?
When I was a little boy we used to steal apples from a farmer’s garden.

The farmer was about 70 and very small and frail. He chased us from time to time but was far too slow.

One particular day about 6 of us carried out a raid.

True to form we ran away laughing but one lad tripped and the farmer caught him.

He gave my friend a 1970s traditional “clip round the ear”.

Big mistake this young lad’s dad was a semi professional rugby league player and the local hard man.

We all ran to collect his dad and we returned en mass. Little boy snotty and tearful, his dad purple faced with rage. His dad confronted the old farmer.


He was a head taller tattooed arms like logs. Before you could blink the old man threw a right cross that landed flush on the giant’s jaw.

Our would be hero ended up flat on his back out cold. It was impossible, had I knew the word back then I would have said surreal.

That evening over the family meal I told my dad the story. It turns out the old fella was the Royal Navy feather weight champion in WW2.

Legend has it he fought and beat the USA Navy champion on a battleship in the Pacific during an allies naval services bonding fight.

They say a boxer never loses his punch.


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