A Trip Down Memory Lane: Mike Tyson’s Heartfelt Embrace with WWE Legend Hulk Hogan Delivers a Wave of Nostalgia


Hulk Hogan posted a throwback picture this week with Mike Tyson, in what served as a reminder of what could have been for WWE in the years gone by.

WWE missed out on materialising a blockbuster event for the fans when they failed to line up Mike Tyson oppose Hulk Hogan in the ring at WrestleMania.

According to reports, two of the biggest sports icons of the 90s were staged for a face-off but unfortunately, the matchup failed to be scheduled and WWE threw up several alternatives to Mike Tyson. To take note of that moment, Hulk Hogan recently posted a throwback picture on Twitter where he is seen hugging Mike Tyson.

Hulk Hogan took to Twitter and posted the picture a couple of hours ago. In the caption, Hulk Hogan wrote, “This is one of my favourite pics, years before the sports world had us going at each other, only love4theChampHH”.

Apart from being a boxing great, Mike Tyson is also a WWE Hall of Famer and the 54-year-old has had a lot of iconic moments in the sports entertainment business.


However, he could have added one more feather to his cap by facing Hulk Hogan inside the WWE ring, in what would have been one of the biggest events in sports-entertainment history.



Earlier, Mike Tyson was billed to be the referee for a WWE contest between Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage in 1990. However, after a shock defeat against Buster Douglas in 1990, Mike Tyson pulled out of the event. While he returned to the promotion later, WWE failed to set up a Mike Tyson vs Hulk Hogan fight.


While interacting on the Something to Wrestle With podcast, WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard said, “The prospect of actually having Hulk Hogan vs the Baddest Man on the Planet, Mike Tyson, without a doubt is always going to be discussed.

I don’t care who’s in what place, you always talk about who’s the best and who would win in wrestler vs boxer. And there probably were not two bigger stars in the galaxy than Hulk Hogan and Mike Tyson at the time. So yeah, it was discussed.”



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