Unveiling The Perfect Storm: Chris Jericho Reveals Why The Time Is Ripe For Boxing Legend Mike Tyson To Enter The Wrestling Ring


Chris Jericho said it’s the perfect time for Mike Tyson to make his wrestling debut. He said Tyson is currently in great shape and the “aura” of Tyson is back.

Chris Jericho recently opened up about his in-ring rivalry with Mike Tyson and revealed whether the legendary boxer could wrestle for the first time at a pro-wrestling stage.

While Tyson has made appearances in both WWE and AEW, he has never wrestled. According to reports, WWE once came really close to signing Mike Tyson for a WrestleMania match against Triple H, but Mike Tyson declined the offer as WWE was not offering him enough money.


While talking to WrestleZone, Chris Jericho said that it’s the perfect time for Mike Tyson to make his wrestling debut. He said Mike Tyson is currently in great shape and the “aura and the mystique” of Mike Tyson is back and enthralling audiences. “He looks great, you’ve seen his sparring videos, he moves fast, he’s ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson again,” said Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho claimed that one of the worst things you could do is put Mike Tyson in an actual boxing match. He revealed that AEW will be a perfect stage for Tyson and added that he could be a perfect first opponent for the boxing legend. “You can see that I’m doing some of the best work in my career after doing this for 30 years. So it’s a perfect match-up,” said Jericho.


Mike Tyson shocks the world by appearing on AEW Dynamite

After losing to Omega and team at AEW: Double or Nothing, Chris Jericho made his way to the AEW Dynamite ring with The Inner Circle. Chris Jericho promised fans that his team will return even stronger and take their revenge.

Talking about revenge, Chris Jericho slammed boxing legend Mike Tyson for knocking him out on a WWE RAW episode in 2010.

When Guevara asked Jericho what he wants to do, ‘Le Champion’ said, “What I really want is Mike Tyson’s head on a platter.”

Mike Tyson appeared in the ring, accompanied by his team which also included UFC star Henry Cejudo.

Chris Jericho demanded an apology from Mike Tyson for knocking him out or the former heavyweight champion would suffer the same fate from Le Champion.

A huge brawl broke out between Tyson’s team and the Inner Circle as the show went off the air.

A week later, Chris Jericho called out Mike Tyson, but the boxing legend didn’t appear.


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