Heated Exchange: Logan Paul’s Fiery Insult Aimed at Mike Tyson Stirs Up Controversy


Recently, Logan Paul made new revelations about his potential wrestling match with the former heavyweight champion. And his guest was eager to know what was cooking for a wrestling fight between the two.

Logan Paul opens up about Mike Tyson and his wrestling match
Paul was recently joined by an American performer, David Blaine, on his podcast Impaulsive. Blaine was eager to know whether Paul was going to fight Tyson or not. Blaine said, “I heard you and Mike Tyson were gonna go at it.”

To this, Paul responded, “Mike Tyson is f*ckign running his mouth about taking me down in WWE.” To this, Blain joked and said, “He should do that.” Tyson and Paul have been having discussions about going head-to-head inside the wrestling ring. But, despite continuous interaction, a fight between the two is yet to come to fruition.

Logan Paul’s co-host, Mike Majlak, was eager to know whose side David Blain was on for a potential fight between the two. And, to respond to this, Blaine reminisced about his anecdotes of when he used to print Mike Tyson T-shirts as a teenager. Moreover, he shared the story of how he was eager to fight ‘Iron Mike’ and wanted to see if he could even last one round with him. But, fortunately, someone close to him stopped him.


Mike Tyson is keen on wrestling against Paul
Mike Tyson cemented his legacy as one of the most dominating boxers of all time. And it seems like he is willing to make a return, but not inside the boxing ring. But, rather, inside the wrestling ring. In an interview with Pro Bits TV, the 56-year-old opened up about his thoughts on Paul and wrestling.

When asked if he would fight Paul in a wrestling match, Tyson responded, “I will do it. I will kick his f*cking ass.” Tyson even agreed that he would make wrestling appearances for free. It will be interesting to see if these two ever meet inside the wrestling ring.


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