“When Worlds Collide: Boxer vs. Bear – The Fight That Surpassed Mike Tyson’s Wild Ambitions “


Boxing is one of the primal sports known to mankind. The genesis of the sport is credited back to 688 B.C.

But it has come to the mainstream not that long ago. And one major characteristic of the sport is the fact is its legality and the various sanctions.

It is certainly not an easy sport and every boxer who steps inside the boxing ring puts their body and life at risk in order to walk out victorious. Regulations are what make the sport safe and add a touch of organization to it.

But, it should be noted that these regulations and sanctions were added not that long ago. And if one looks at the history of the sport, there are chances to find rather odd boxing matchups.



Recently, an old video of a boxer fighting a bear has resurfaced on the internet. And the boxing fans are going crazy over it. The clip is from a fight in the 1940s and the fans can’t believe their eyes. The fans weren’t hesitant to share their true reactions with the world.

The clip was posted on Twitter by BoxingKingdom. The video shows a boxer named Gus Waldorf fighting a live bear on a stage in front of a crowd. It should be noted that the bear was chained to ensure the safety of the boxer to a decent extent. It should also be noted that this fight was not being held illegally but was indeed a sanctioned bout.


The fight started with the boxer throwing most of the punches and smiling at the same time. He was even able to knock the bear down in no time as the clip started. But the bear was not just ready to give up. The bear gets up and rushes toward the boxer. But the boxer seemingly manages to dominate the bear.

To make things more official and authentic, the bear had a cornerman who ensured to take care of the animal in between rounds. This also reminded some fans of the time Mike Tyson offered money to fight a gorilla. In the end, the bear was able to clinch the victory via knockout. However, this fight is drawing strong reactions from the fans.

Here’s what the fans had to say about the odd fight
One fan is certain that without the chains, the fight would’ve been a lot different.

Another fan had a compliment for the bear’s fighting spirit and a witty joke.


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