The Missing Chapter: Did Mike Tyson’s Amateur Boxing Career Shape His Legend?


Mike Tyson is one of the best professional boxers in the world.

Since his professional debut in 1985, Iron Mike made a devasting impact in the heavyweight division winning consecutive fights with knockouts.

Mike Tyson has a professional record of 50-6. In his first 36 fights, he was undefeated with a consecutive winning streak winning the world heavyweight title.

With all his impressive records, Tyson was regarded as the most dominant and powerful boxer in the heavyweight division.

As we all know, he made his professional debut at the early age of 18. But did Mike Tyson ever compete in the amateur Amateur Boxing?


Did Mike Tyson Ever Compete in Amateur Boxing?
Mike Tyson is well-known for his amazing boxing skills and his dominance in his professional career.

The way he started his professional career with consecutive wins at the age of 18 was a shock for many. However, Tyson’s childhood played a key role to keep his passion for boxing.

Since childhood, he lived in an area with a high crime rate and was arrested 38 times at the age of 13 for petty crimes. Later, he was admitted to the Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown, New York where he made his interest in boxing under the guidance of Bobby Stewart.



Tyson began his boxing training in the Tyron School and quickly adapted to the sport and later competed in the boxing ring.

In his amateur career, Tyson competed in the Junior Olympics of 1981 and 1982 winning two consecutive gold medals.

Later, in 1984, he won another gold medal in the Nation Golden Gloves held in New York. Mike Tyson had an amateur career of 24-3 before becoming a pro at the age of 18 in 1985.

Despite being a young talent, Mike Tyson made sure he did his absolute best in the boxing ring. His amateur career also featured a majority of fight wins with KO. Many boxers shivered to face Tyson in the ring due to his explosive power and knockout skill.

However, he also faced defeats in his amateur career via split decisions. After a successful cameo in the Junior Olympics, he did his best stepping into his professional career


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