56 Years of Pill Dependency: Mike Tyson’s Fight for Freedom

Mike Tyson and J.Balvin in the podcast HotBoxin:

Mike Tyson and J.Balvin in the podcast HotBoxin get honest on how each of them are vulnerable to anxiety.

And have been taking pills to have the problem under control. During the podcast Mike Tyson says that he takes his pills on a regular basis and takes it twice a day, morning and night.

He says that he ensures to carry his pills along with him everytime he goes out. He touches his pocket as he makes the statement giving an idea to teh viewers that he still might be carrying his pills while being seated in the room with his guests.


Mike Tyson Details How His Life is Dependent on Pills:

There are various types of drugs available to treat mental illness. Most of the commonly used medications are anti depressants, nti-anxiety, antipsychotic, mood stabilizing and stimulant medications. Though Mike Tyson doent mention which medication he has been taking on a regular basis. But he makes sure to mention that he is not depressed. Looks like the 56 old Mike Tyson’s life has been completely dependent on the pills he has been taking.


He mentions about focusing on one particular thing, and doing it over and over as an athlete which means facing “Obsessive compulsion disorder”. As the celebrities talk about mental health, which is a must topic to be discussed in todays time. With huge expectations being placed on an individual, him or having to face anxiety has been a common phenomena in todays time.



But before oneone decides, to take medicine to treat their anxiety, it is always preferred to consult a doctor as all medicines have both their pros and cons, medicines sometimes may also have potential side effects, which is where a doctor will only suggest you one after considering your medical history. It is always suggested to talk to your doctors about any sort of concerts as medications are not always complete cures to the problem.

Medications are generally part of the overall treatment problem, it is usually suggested by the professional to their patients to make them feel better about the whole treatment process. The most important thing to keep in mind is to maintain a healthy lifestle as a good healthy lifestlye will have a direct impact to your brain.


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