37 Years Later: Mike Tyson’s Terrifying Confession – How He Survived a Horrific Criminal Life Before Finding Cus D’Amato

Mike Tyson, whose name was synonymous with fear in the ring, recently revealed that he was no stranger to fear himself

It is often said that the most unforgettable stories are those born out of adversity.

Mike Tyson, the once-undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, now stands as a testament to this truth.

While his powerful punches often left opponents gasping for breath, his latest confession has left the world equally breathless.

In a recent interview on Joe Budden TV’s Youtube channel, Tyson opens up about the harsh realities of his youth. The presenting a picture that starkly contrasts the iconic boxer’s life as we know it now.


Mike Tyson’s unvarnished revelations

In a segment of the interview that turned the spotlight on Tyson’s early life, the conversation delved into the gritty reality of Tyson’s upbringing.

Unflinchingly, Tyson started by saying, “My whole perspective in life was criminal.”

Joe Budden, the host, probed further, asking, “But that’s from what age to what age?”

To which Tyson responded, “Since I existed-“ Not satisfied with Tyson’s vague answer.

Budden interjected again, “Because that’s just acting out-“ But Tyson was quick to assert the gravity of the situation.

“Yeah, but that’s just what, listen if you didn’t do that you weren’t for my neighborhood. Everyone did that everybody would come rob somebody. And Everybody was always locked up, everybody was always getting shot or cut. I almost died getting crippled. No cops to protect you. If somebody likes you he’ll protect you unless you rob from a steal he’ll protect you look out for you,” Tyson elaborated.


These chilling revelations have shed light on the former boxing champion’s tumultuous upbringing, casting a dark shadow over Tyson’s past.


From poverty and crime to boxing stardom

Life didn’t hand Mike Tyson the easiest of beginnings.

Raised in an environment marred by poverty, hardships, and constant bullying, Tyson’s early life was far from ideal.

To make ends meet and find a sense of belonging, he ventured into the criminal world, resorting to stealing at a young age.

Yet, this path would eventually lead him to the doorstep of an influential figure who would change his life forever – Cus D’Amato.



D’Amato, Tyson’s mentor and father figure, helped steer Tyson’s life away from the lure of crime, shaping him into the fearsome fighter we recognize today.

The journey from a life of crime to becoming one of the most formidable fighters in boxing history paints a vivid picture of Tyson’s transformation under D’Amato’s mentorship.


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