Mike Tyson’s Intriguing Reaction to “Next Life” Inquiry Sends Shockwaves Through the Show


Mike Tyson has been a philosopher most of his life. Apart from his sensational knockouts inside the boxing ring, the former Heavyweight champion was known for his out-of-the-ring quotes and statements, which were enough to appeal to one’s philosophical conscience.

Mike Tyson has always had a curious mind regarding questions that dive beyond the physical realm. And it seems like the answer to such questions is unknown. He has his own conjectures, like many others. And in a recent episode of his podcast, ‘Iron Mike’ answered an important question his guest and co-host asked.

In the most recent episode of Hotboxin with Mike Tyson, the 56-year-old was joined by American rapper Trippie Redd and co-host Sebastian Joseph Day. The duo asked the former champion about what his thoughts remained on afterlife.


Mike Tyson shows his philosophical side

In response to the question about coming back as a soul after their death, Mike Tyson responded in agreement. He revealed that he believes people come back after their death. He said, “Absolutely, who do you think we are, don’t the trees come back in certain times of the year, don’t the butterflies turn into into little bush.”


Moreover, Tyson talked about what the purpose of this life is. “We all come back and then you know and this life is the preparation for the next where I came from and where I am now this is not supposed to happen. this can’t be real.” The 56-year-old further talked about how his life has been unbelievable. And, it even seems unreal and “dream.” Tyson also has philosophical views on the human mind.

Tyson and his guest talked about the beauty of life. The duo expressed their gratitude for just being alive. It is safe to say that this podcast episode, gives a different perspective to all fans.


The most underrated philosopher of all time

There is no doubt in the fact that Tyson has a way with words. Even though, the 56-year-old has never admitted to it. Once ‘the baddest man on the planet’ also had a strong philosophical taste.


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