The Price of Freedom: Mike Tyson’s Disturbing Confession of Engaging in Dark Acts to Protect Himself in Prison

Back in 1992, Mike Tyson was arrested for r*ping an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant

While he maintained innocence by claiming that anything that happened between the two was consensual, he was found guilty of one count of r*pe and two counts of s*xual conduct. Due to Indiana state laws, he was ordered to serve six years in prison which was effected immediately.

However, The Hangover star ended up serving only three years of the sentence. But years later, he himself confessed to sleeping with a prison counselor to reduce his prison time.

In a 2020 interview with VLAD TV, he shared,

“I’m dating one of the counsel workers now, she’s letting me have s*x with her now.”


He was desperate to reduce his serving time which is how he found out that he can get a year off if he got his GED.

“So by passing the GED they took that year away. So I flunked the f**king GED … and got mad, and so I had to start dating this counselor and stuff, giving her money and doing really some nasty stuff to her, and she let me pass this test.”


He also opened up about how he was incredibly difficult to handle during the first six months of imprisonment time but he got through it and even added another year.



Mike Tyson Shared His Thoughts on His Jail Time!

A few people knew at the time that he had gotten a fourth year added to his imprisonment due to his controversial behavior while locked up. He himself confessed to behaving badly due to the outcome of the 1992 trial.

“I got in trouble like the first six months and stuff, cursing, getting written up. And then by that time, I got the hang of the place.”

However, he eventually got himself on track and added another year to compensate for his misbehavior.

“So I’m going good. But the first six months I was getting write-ups, I have to pay that year back. … I’m like a star pupil prisoner. Trusty, everything. Then, ‘Hey Mike, remember the first six months you were a prick?’ Boom. They gave me another year.”

He once opened up about being arrested 40 times before the age of 12. Not just that, he also confessed that his crimes varied from “burglaries, pick-pocketing, snatching jewelry,” to actual assaults. However, now, he is living a better life.


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