From the Boxing Ring to the Matrix: Mike Tyson’s Provocative Insights That Shake the World


In the recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson invited the famous American rapper, Trippie Redd, and they talked about a bunch of stuff.

Amid their conversation, Redd showed interest in knowing whether Tyson believes in some kind of conspiracies that go around the internet and social media.

Well, this is what Mike Tyson’s reply to this question was.


Mike Tyson’s take on his preferred conspiracy theory

The rapper, Trippie Redd, asked Tyson about some interesting conspiracies that he believes in and asked him to share them with the podcast. Unexpectedly, Mike Tyson supported the famous ‘living in the matrix’ conspiracy theory. Tyson said, “I just think that we’re all living in the matrix and this life is just the preparation for the next life. I believe that we’re all idiots, we know nothing. We’re all ignorants, I use that word but we want to believe something so bad because we want to be right.”

Then he shed more light on peoples’ need of believing in something. He enunciated that the only reason every person wants to believe the bunch of lies that they read in a book is so that they can believe in them. Once, Tyson also reacted to an absurd conspiracy theory surrounding one of his fights.


And then he talked about how humans do come back after their death. And this is not the only time when Tyson hasn’t held back from sharing his knowledge. Before this, he has also given his verdict on the afterlife, on another episode of his podcast show.


Another great perspective of Tyson on life

During one of his podcast episodes with the famous hip-hop artist Russ, the panel talked about the fear of death and the afterlife. That is when Tyson mentioned the great epic of Gilgamesh. He shared the anecdote of how Gilgamesh had his life changed when he met another character, Enkidu.

Tyson talked about how the demigod, Gilgamesh, started to fear death after the death of Enkidu. He narrated, “Ever since then he was afraid of dying. He was half god but he was half human too, so he could die. He was suffering, scared just like all of us and he escaped into peace and surrendered to dying.”

Tyson then shared his views about the learnings which he took out of that story. He said, “I think death is dying, and dying is death. Once you die, we begin living again.” Well, there are no two ways of saying that Tyson has become a wise sage with time and age.


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