Incredible Journey: How an Indian Descent Doctor Helped Mike Tyson Overcome All Odds


Mike Tyson was also suffering from health decline a few months ago. Gautam met Tyson through his daughter, Milan Tyson, who’s an aspiring Tennis player and has even played against Venus Williams once.

So, she was in touch with him regarding some treatments. That’s when Tyson decided to try out RELIEF, and invited the doctor on his show. ‘Iron Mike’ was in complete awe of the gentleman’s deeds.

Mike Tyson is grateful for his guest’s unique work

Back in August 2022, a wave of concern spread over the world when Mike Tyson was spotted in a wheelchair at the Miami airport. Before this, Tyson never showed any signs of weakness or any kind of health hazard, this became a matter of concern all around the world. Later it was revealed that his condition was because of a “sciatica flare-up“.


In the recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Gautam explains how Tyson had a failed back surgery syndrome, as Tyson fought with a broken back, which resulted in damaging some of his nerves as well. This gave him chronic back pain, and Gautam met him after the Miami airport spotting. And he says, “Serendipity brought us together, and I’m just very humbled and happy that the procedure has worked so well for you and you’re not in pain anymore.”


Tyson replies, “Hey listen, it’s a miracle because I didn’t know what was gonna happen in my life, I was scared that I was gonna be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.” Tyson further states that the back pain discourages a man, and makes him feel useless. He really feels thankful for this amazing procedure.


Although back pain can be really fatal at times, Tyson feels grateful that this is the only disease he’s going through. He once spoke about his wheelchair incident on a News channel, where he had expressed his gratitude.

Tyson feels “blessed” for his health and family

So, a few days after being seen at the Miami Airport last year, Tyson hopped on an interview with Newsmax, where he was asked about the pictures and the incident. Then Tyson answered, “I have Sciatica, every now and then it flares up, and when it flares up I can’t even talk.”

Tyson stated that due to the grace of God, it’s the only problem he has right now, in relation to his health. He also enunciated that even his family members are all in good shape and healthy. He also said, “Everybody in my house is truly blessed and we’re all very grateful for whatever we have.”


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