Tyson Fury’s Ultimatum: No Fight with Oleksandr Usyk Without a Public Apology – What Happened Between Them?


Anew chapter of the potential unified Heavyweight Championship fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk has begun. After so many failed negotiations and relentless smack talk between both camps, Tyson Fury wants for Usyk to be transparent from what could’ve been the biggest payday of his career.

Had he accepted to fight Fury before the negotiations fell apart, he would’ve won roughly around $20 million from that 30% purse he was offered. But during the back and forth they had, there were constant disrespectful comments that none of them appreciated.

That is the main reason the people are not getting the fight they want, everybody wants to see who wins between these two and the tactical approach each of them has going in.


John Fury speaks for Tyson, wants apology from Usyk

Speaking to Seconds Out on Thursday, John Fury said: “Until he gets on and makes a proper video explaining what he did and tells the truth, he may never get the fight with Tyson. It’s gone past money now with Tyson, it’s gone past everything with us. They are taking the p**s. He’s a nobody, Usyk. Yes, he’s won a few belts off AJ. But you’ve seen how AJ has been performing. AJ has not performed for a while now. And they’re judging what he done to AJ.


“Tyson will iron him out and everybody in the game knows it. He’s trying to do is kill two birds with one stone. Turn the public against Tyson, which they’ve done a good job of because the public is daft anyway. The bottom line is they never wanted the fight. Anthony Joshua never wanted the fight, Usyk never wanted the fight. Unless he gets on the video and tells the truth of what he did, there’ll never be a fight for Usyk, never be. We’ll just move on.”


It becomes hard to take Tyson Fury seriously with so many different people from his camp speaking to the media. His videos sending mixed messages about potential fights he can get are not helping either. For many boxing fans, Fury has been losing credibility because he does seem like he is ducking Oleksandr Usyk.

In what world does it make sense that the man who has the most belts gives up 20% of the purse value?

Regardless of how box office Tyson Fury can be, Oleksandr Usyk already won the other Heavyweight belts and defended them once. At this point, it may be best for both sides to seek fighting other opponents and stop it with the antics.


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