From Darkness to Light: UFC HW Champion’s Journey of Transformation with the Assistance of Mike Tyson


After spending decades fighting in a cage, MMA fighters find it tough to hang their gloves during the twilight phase of their careers. The appeal of fighting never dies off. There are multiple instances where a fighter unnecessarily prolongs his career and has a forgetful culmination to an otherwise splendid career. Likewise, in an amusing case, Mark Coleman is back-peddling on his retirement, and help from Mike Tyson will do wonders for him.

The 58-year-old recently shocked the MMA world with his recent comeback announcement. Notably, he will make his boxing debut on Oct. 14 against Montell Griffin after signing with Celebrity Boxing. While ‘The Hammer’ is toiling hard to reach his peak fitness levels, he remains a mere shadow of himself with depleted reflexes and unstable footing. Therefore, the legendary boxer might assist him in ironing out some issues.

Mark Coleman seeks help from his hero Mike Tyson

The American fighter turned to his Instagram handle as he updated fans on his transformation. He then sought aid from his idol and hero, ‘Iron Mike’. The UFC Hall of Famer further asked him to show him the way.

He wrote, “Transformation going very well Mike Tyson @miketyson I’m asking for your help. You’re my hero my idol my motivation. Please show me the way. I’ll do whatever you say👊🏼🏆☠️”


The 16-1o record holder’s comeback has captured the imagination of MMA fans. However, this is not the sole reason he recently seized headlines. He admitted he got arrested for walking naked on the road.

But these minor hiccups are not derailing his transformation, and he then imparted a message to his boxing opponent.


Coleman asks his opponent to not have cold feet

Former UFC champion, who had the honor of becoming the first UFC heavyweight champion, wrote, “@montellicegriffin I get better every day. See you in three months. Don’t be scared I’m not ☠️get up get going get cold get some sun get grounded carnivore diet nine ancestral tenants.”

“Thx @liverking for the original Porsche and motivation my corner man I am grateful That’s where it’s at sober is the coolest thing ever Hammerhouse4life b*tches who is in,” he added later.

Coleman is also taking a clue from Liver King and following his nine ancestral tenants. However, it remains to be seen whether the former UFC fighter can secure Tyson’s services.


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