Mike Tyson’s Valuable Insights Shared with Deontay Wilder Amidst Controversy Surrounding John Fury


One of the most shocking moments in boxing’s history was when Mike Tyson was dropped down in the 10th round by Buster Douglas back in 1990. This was the first time anybody had stopped the formidable ‘Kid Dynamite’, nobody could believe that Tyson could be lying down on the canvas. But through sheer resilience, he learned to get over this defeat and moved on further, dropping down fighters. Well, it’s obviously a tough job for any fighter to accept a loss and have the courage to move on with the same dedication as before.

But Tyson has gone through a similar situation, and that’s why he’s the best man to dispense advice on taking a loss well to the younger fighters. So he also sent a pivotal message to Anthony Joshua after his two consecutive Oleksandr Usyk losses. And now, he’s got a few words for Deontay Wilder as well.


Tyson points out the flaws in Deontay Wilder’s demeanor

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are two renowned names in the current Heavyweight division. Although, for a little moment, it seemed like the debacle between the two was over when they met in Saudi Arabia for Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury. But later, Wilder came forward and stated that his personal feud with Fury is far from over. This made John Fury angry, and he even said that Wilder “can’t take a loss“.

Well, a similar conversation popped up on the recent episode of Boxing Arabia, where both Mike Tyson and John Fury sat side-by-side with each other, to share their insights on the sport of boxing. That’s when they stumbled upon Wilder’s topic, where Fury claimed that Wilder needs to learn how to respect other fighters. The only thing that’s holding him back right now, is the respect.

Mike Tyson instantly agreed with Fury’s thought and added that he also needs to learn how to take a loss in a healthy manner. Tyson explained, “It’s hard sometimes when people lose they internalize it and they think because of me, I’m not good enough or something like that. It’s just a day at the office, everybody has a bad day, sometimes we have four or five bad days, but we never give up, we still go to work.”


So, John wants Wilder to get over his couple of losses against Tyson Fury. John also divulged how Tyson is the man’s man, and he doesn’t regret a single second when he named his eldest son after ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet.’ Big John admires Tyson a lot, but did you know, a few months ago, John called out Tyson to a boxing fight?

The potential John Fury vs. Mike Tyson exhibition fight

Tyson stepped inside the ring in 2020 for an exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr, 15 years after his retirement. Well, now Fury Sr revealed in one of his interviews, that he had asked Tyson whether he’d want to do something together. Tyson did not hold back from the possibility of a potential match taking place.

Fury Sr revealed, “You know what he said? Yeah, I would love that. When he said that to me that is the highlight of my life. If I can get in the ring, punch-for-punch, whatever he wants to do if I get carried out or die on a stretcher that is my life completed.”

During his prime, John Fury was himself a British professional boxer, who’s had a career spanning almost 8 years, with a record 8-4-1. So it’d be really interesting to witness these two get inside the ring for the first time against each other.


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