The Unexpected Tears: Mike Tyson’s Soul-Baring Moment in John Fury’s Touching Tribute


Mike Tyson has been an idol for so many for his achievements in boxing, but in particular to famous father John Fury.

Fury Sr named his son and WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury after the heavyweight legend, with the ‘Gypsy King’ having gone on to make his own memories in the squared circle.

Big John finally had the opportunity to meet his hero in Saudi Arabia, as his other son Tommy Fury outpointed YouTuber Jake Paul by split decision in February.

The pair had an opportunity to sit down and film some content together, and the teams were streaming in powerful scenes…


John Fury gives thoughts on Mike Tyson’s career

Tyson previously reigned as the undisputed champion of the heavyweight division, becoming one of a kind alongside the likes of Lennox Lewis, Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

However, it was a wide perception that ‘Iron’ was mishandled in his career by promoters despite earning a collosal $500 million during his time in the ring.

After initially meeting his hero in the Middle East prior to filming together, Fury revealed that he had a huge soft spot for the star.

He said: “It was amazing for me to meet Mike Tyson. A great, great champion he was such a friendly and emotional guy and he wore his heart on his sleeve.

“I can only feel sorry for the man as he was mishandled but a great champion, terribly managed at times. It was an honour for me to sit in the same company as him.”



John Fury makes Mike Tyson cry with emotional tribute

Fury Sr walked on set in a podcast for Boxing Arabia and what followed was extremely emotional for Tyson.

The infamous father talked about using a petrol generator to power his TV to watch Tyson take to the ring and explained how he was his idol.

Tyson had already began giving an emotional reaction, but this continued as he spoke about the death of Tyson’s trainer and father-figure Cus D’Amato.

He said: “You know, I spent my whole life admiring him, you know, and I felt sorry for him at the same time because, you know, for a guy, when Cus died, he was like a father to him.”

Tyson pleaded with the cameras to stop recording before the edit cut to Fury Sr explaining why he named his son Tyson after the heavyweight legend.


He continued: “: “I have waited 35 years to meet this man.

“I said, ‘hear these words. [Tyson Fury’s] not only going to live. He’s going to be seven feet tall, 20 stone and the next heavyweight champion of the world, and his name is Tyson.'”

Both Tyson and John clearly have great admiration for one-another, and the heavyweight legend has regularly spoken of his delight to pass the heavyweight baton on to a Fury.


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