UFC Legend Brings To Light the Stark Reality With Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard- “But He Didn’t… “

Mike Tyson undeniably reigns supreme at the pinnacle of his craft. His legendary status is a topic that resurfaces time and again, evoking admiration and awe

Recently, this subject intersected with the news surrounding META CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu head coach, the reigning flyweight submission grappling champion of ONE Championship, Mikey Musumeci.

It turns out that the tech billionaire has been immersing himself in the world of BJJ for a considerable period. Taking his commitment even further, Zuckerberg not only participated in his inaugural competition but also managed to secure two medals. However, what truly sparked a dialogue was his choice to enlist the expertise of the 26-year-old Musumeci as his head coach.


One prominent voice to weigh in on Zuckerberg’s decision is none other than the UFC legend Chael Sonnen. As he delved into the length of Zuckerberg’s commitment, Sonnen brought up fascinating points regarding the iconic boxers of yesteryears, including the ferocious ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson and the skillful ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard.

Chael Sonnen talks about Mike Tyson and other boxers

Chael Sonnen, the esteemed UFC legend, delved deeply into Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to seek training from Mikey Musumeci, a five-time world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, Sonnen raised a crucial query regarding the concept of being trained by someone who excels in their field but lacks experience in coaching. In making his point, he alluded to the great boxers of the past, emphasizing their unparalleled skills but their absence of a coaching background.


The 46-year-old further expounded on his viewpoint, stating, “I think Mike Tyson was the best boxer of my lifetime.

Of my lifetime and may that gets passed over to Klitschkos[Klitschko brothers: Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko] who by the way don’t train anybody or Linux Lewis, who by the way hadn’t event considered training anybody… None of them are trainers.”


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