From the Ring to the Podium: Witness Mike Tyson’s Glorious Moment as He Receives the Gant d’Or Honors in Belgium


On June 21, Mike Tyson was awarded the Belgium Golden Gloves (known locally as “Gant d’Or”) at a gala event attended by 500 guests, at Expolouve, in La Louviere, Belgium.

Tyson is the third international personality to receive the award. The trophy commemorates a person’s standing through the sporting and cinema worlds.

The first winner of the award was renowned French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo in 2019. Belmondo was famed for his work “Breathless” among almost 100 films for which he boasts credits.


COVID-19 meant the awards took a sabbatical before returning in 2022. The second winner was Claude Lelouch. The Frenchman was also in the movie business, receiving an Oscar nomination for directing “A Man and a Woman” in 1966.

Although Belgium isn’t known for boxing on the world stage, the event is very prestigious locally and was attended by many local fighters and industry people.


“[This is] a very important event in Belgium and very important for the Belgian boxing world,” Marc Duvinage, president of the Belgium Golden Gloves, told The Ring. “Many champions were present, including Delfine Persoon to applaud the living legend of boxing.”


Another of those in attendance was former European lightweight titlist Francesco Patera, who will face Keyshawn Davis on July 22.

“It was a very nice evening with a great atmosphere,” said Patera. “Meeting a legend like Mike Tyson was an honor for me. He is one of my idols and I think of many others.

“For me, the greatest heavyweight of all time, in my opinion, and a very humble person.”


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