Robin Givens’ Astonishing Discovery Leads to the Wreckage of Mike Tyson’s Rolls Royce


Mike Tyson displayed a level of brilliance that shed some light on his personal life as well. The heavyweight icon has been involved in quite a few controversies and has made some questionable choices over the years, to say the least. One of his most famous relationships was with Robin Givens, one that defined his reputation for years to come as well.

For those who don’t know, Tyson met Givens in the later stages of the 1980s. It sure looked like they felt an instant spark between themselves, which explains why they tied the knot in 1988. However, Tyson once shared an unforgettable moment with Givens when they were married.


Tyson said on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “I was married at the time to Robin Givens. We were in some fast food joint and we were ordering food. She went in my pocket to get some money out to pay and she saw some condoms come out. She gets me out of the car. The Rolls Royce and she rams it into some other car. Breaks the guy’s arm and so. All of a sudden she starts screaming and the cops come up.”

Mike then mentioned that he gave the victim his Rolls Royce after being scared of getting caught without a driving license. It should be noted that Mike only ended up in that situation when Givens suspected that he was cheating at the time. However, Tyson’s $230,000 car at the time was confiscated by the police. Later on, the officer was relieved of his job, and the former boxer demanded his car back.


This happened when Tyson was married to Givens, and the couple shortly filed for divorce. It was only a year before they split, which left the world baffled at the time.


Why did Mike Tyson get a divorce from Robin Givens?

Givens first filed a defamation lawsuit against the former heavyweight champ worth more than $120 million. However, she claimed that she did not receive a single penny from Tyson. That wasn’t all. She claimed that Mike was abusive, and blamed his temper for the failure of their marriage.

She told ABC, “Torture, pure hell, worse than anything I [Givens] could possibly imagine. There are times when I thought I could handle it, and just recently, I’ve become afraid. I mean very, very much afraid.

Tyson later claimed that Robin was a gold digger and accused her of only being with him for his multi-million dollar fortune. That’s not all that happened in their relationship. Mike even thought legendary NBA legend Michael Jordan slept with Robin and was even willing to take a swing at him.


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