The Wrath of Iron Mike: Middle Aged Tyson’s Unforgiving Gaze as Paparazzi Cross the Line


Mike Tyson‘s ring walks used to send shivers down one’s spine. But, apart from the thrill the fans felt during his ring walks, the former heavyweight champion was famous for maintaining that scary persona outside of the ring.

And, according to Tyson himself, he wanted people to be scared of him. As that’s the persona his father figure and trainer Cus D’amato wanted him to have. Looking back at his public appearances, it is safe to say that he perfected the art of striking fear into his opponents.

Although it worked to his advantage inside the ring, it caused a lot of chaos for Tyson outside of it. Not everyone was thrilled to be around Tyson. And an old video of ‘Iron Mike’ is a testament to that.



Mike Tyson leaves the paparazzi trembling

A 14-year-old YouTube video uploaded by Hooked On Hollywood shows Tyson in public, shopping with a woman whose identity is unknown. The media person who is recording the video can be heard asking questions to the youngest heavyweight champion of the world. But, it seemed like Tyson was not in the mood to be giving any answers.


As Tyson makes his way with a backpack on his back, the paparazzi says, “How are you doing, Mr. Tyson? Happy Holidays to you, sir. “ It should be noted that throughout the questioning phase of the cameraman, Tyson did not stop walking with his backpack. And did not even bother to look up for a long time. However, the cameraman’s questioning did not stop.


As Tyson continued walking towards the cameraman, his tone kept on changing. And finally, Tyson did look up at the cameraman but did not respond to any of his questions. Rather Tyson gave him a death stare which was enough for him to understand Tyson’s mood.

Keeping his best interests at heart, the cameraman put his one-sided interview to a close. And wished Tyson and the woman a good day. It is worth note-taking that Tyson was wearing a black hat and a trench coat to compliment his death stare.


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