The Jaw-Dropping Moment Mike Tyson Gives Away a Car Worth More Than Most Boxers’ Lifetimes


Mike Tyson’s current net worth as per Celebrity Net Worth is $10 million. But once upon a time, the heavyweight boxing champion had wealth of over $300 million. He obviously wasn’t shy about spending it. Tyson reportedly spent his hard-earned money on everything from exotic animals to gold bathtubs.

There’s another thing he loved to buy- cars. The boxing legend even gave away the cars he bought as gifts to others. For example, it’s known that he gave away a Bentley to rapper Ed Lover. What many don’t know is that the cost of that one car is probably more than what many boxers accumulate throughout their careers!


Mike Tyson Gave Away A Bentley To Ed Lover But His Team Still Took It Away

In an interview with Vlad TV, Mike Tyson admitted that he had a habit of giving away expensive cars as gifts. He simply didn’t care that these were uber-expensive cars because the cost was like a drop in a full bucket for him. He said:

“Yeah, I had cars. Cars and money didn’t mean nothing to me. Like you said, if I had $300 million …. What would $500,000 matter?”

He gave away one such car, a Bentley, to his friend Ed Lover, a rapper he hung out and partied with a lot. However, the car wasn’t a direct gift to his friend. It came into the rapper’s possession after a wild night. He requested Tyson to drop him off at the place he could get the vehicle he had come in.

But the boxer had no time so he simply let his friend drive home in one of his cars- a Bentley. Ed Lover had the prized vehicle for several weeks and was even using it as well. But suddenly, he got a call from Tyson’s team and someone eventually came to take it back. Lover had no problem giving it away. However, he later learned that Tyson had meant for it to be a gift but his team had taken it back as a result of jealousy.


Once upon a time it certainly was easy for the former boxing champion to give away cars like dust. Tyson certainly earned his money through his skills and he didn’t need to care what others earned or didn’t. But it’s a sobering thought that many boxers won’t even earn the price of that one Bentley in their whole careers.

What Do Boxers Generally Earn In The USA?

Looking at the kind of wealth Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather have accumulated in their careers would make any guy want to jump into the ring just for the money. But the truth is that these two are the exceptions, not the rule. Most boxers in the US don’t earn millions. As per Strictly Fighters, boxing isn’t profitable for most boxers.

Amateur boxers only earn if they join the World Series of Boxing, where they get paid between $25,000 to $300,000 per year. On average, boxers take home around $2,225 for every fight that happens early in their careers. The more experienced ones take home a little more than $6,800 on average for every fight. Also, most boxers fight only 4 or 5 matches every year.

So for them, the ceiling is between $30,000 to $38,000 on an average annually. This excludes endorsements and sponsors. As such, earning like Mike Tyson is a dream that rarely becomes a reality for most boxers.


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