The Return of the Hulk: Witness Mike Tyson’s Incredible Physical Transformation at AEW Event


Mike Tyson has shown off his remarkable physique with the former boxer appearing at an All Elite Wrestling show.

Tyson was present to award the new TNT Championship belt to Saturday night’s champion and was ringside as the contest between Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer was in progress.

It comes with talks that the 53-year-old could return to the boxing ring with Evander Holyfield and Shannon Briggs both mentioned as potential opponents.

And Tyson proved he’s still got the physique that made his a force during his career while at the AEW event.

When Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts tried to make his presence felt with a sack that notoriously has a snake inside, Tyson was not going to sit quietly.


Iron Mike stopped him in his tracks, ripping off his t-shirt with Roberts quickly retreating.

And as Tyson went topless, his incredible body was on full show with the former champion recently saying he feels in great shape.

He told Lil Wayne on his Young Money Radio show: “I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt in my life. God has been merciful to me man. I’m gonna get on with it, I’m looking good. Yo Wayne, I’m 230 [pounds] right now!


“Man I’m just getting ready you know, I’m just getting ready to help some people out who are less fortunate than me. I’m gonna do this charity event.


“I’m going to take this money and help these homeless and we’re going to help these addicted brothers.

“Because I’ve been homeless and I’ve been addicted so I know the struggle. Not many people have survived like I did.”


He has also said: “I know the art of fighting, I know the art of war.

“That’s all I ever studied. That’s why I’m so feared, that’s why they feared me when I was in the ring. Because I was an annihilator.

“That’s all I was born for. Now those days are gone, it’s empty, I’m nothing.

“I feel unstoppable now. I feel the same again. The gods of war ignited my ego and want me to go to war again.

“Imagine if I went out there and fought and I could help all these people we talked about.”


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