An Unbelievable Twist of Fate: How a Woman in Danger Found an Unexpected Savior in the Legendary Mike Tyson


During the 80s and 90s, Mike Tyson, also known as Iron Mike, served as an inspiration. One of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, the 57-year-old professional boxer had a brilliant career. Tyson has experienced everything. He became well-known in a short period thanks to his extraordinary talent, but he also witnessed his downfall when he was imprisoned for sexually assaulting a model.

The boxer also known as Kid Dynamite was a teenage thug, and he was able to deal with many dangerous individuals around him. On one of the episodes of Hotboxin With Mike Tyson, one of the guests recalled how Tyson came to her sister’s rescue at a club.


Rosie Perez recalls how Mike Tyson handled a scary situation at a club

Mike Tyson has his podcast now and some of the big names from the industry have been part of Tyson’s podcast. The 57-year-old boxer’s podcast Hotboxin With Mike Tyson is one of the famous podcasts and it has 843k subscribers. During one of the episodes of Tyson’s podcast, Rosie Perez an American actress revealed how she and her sister watched the kid dynamite handle a scary situation at a club.

The Do The Right Thing actress recalled the moment when a man pointed a gun at her sister for not dancing with him. On Tyson’s podcast, the actress asked the boxer if he remembered the incident when they were in the club and a man had a gun with him. The 58-year-old actress stated,


“This guy pulled a gun on my sister Sally and I didn’t know what to do to right, everybody was like freaking out he was standing up at the red zone, it was a red zone and it was a puffy night. And I go climb the stairs and I see Mike and I don’t know why I said get Mike Tyson, the guy has a gun go get Mike Tyson.”


Perez went on to explain how she went to Tyson and got his assistance. Even though the man was holding a gun, the boxer managed to get the weapon away from his face.


Mike Tyson gave a hug to the guy who pulled out a gun on him

This isn’t the first time, the former boxer came across such a scary situation. In a viral video, a man challenged the kid dynamite to a fight at a restaurant while brandishing a gun. Even when the man pulled out a gun, Tyson maintained his composure and continued to sit in his chair. Reportedly, the man wanted the boxer to fight with him and when he said no to his request he got angry and pulled out a gun.

Tyson gave the man with a gun a big hug after he kept his gun inside and made peace with him before he left the restaurant. People praised the boxer for keeping calm despite the looming danger.


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