Unleashing the Beast: Mike Tyson’s Intense Meltdown Before Facing Razor Ruddock in a Fight to Rememberzx


Boxing fans got a glimpse of Mike Tyson’s extreme mentality in a press conference leading up to his fight against Razor Ruddock. Tyson lost his cool before the fight and pointed out that he was going in for the kill.

Tyson’s remarks at the time caused a lot of controversies, though Tyson cleared the air in a later interview. Mike Tyson also spoke about the mentality that helped him become the world champion.


Mike Tyson shows his extreme mindset

In the lead-up to his fight against Razor Ruddock, Mike Tyson made a shocking statement: “Razor Ruddock dies. If he doesn’t die, it doesn’t count”. While many were outraged by his words, Tyson explained that this was simply his “frame of mind” and “mentality” when it came to fighting. He clarified that he didn’t mean to offend anyone, but that this was just his “whole aura” in the ring.

When asked if he made those statements solely to sell tickets or show off, Tyson refuted the claim, stating that it was genuinely how he felt. Though his words sparked controversy, they showcased his unwavering and focused approach toward boxing. Regardless of personal opinions towards his remarks, Tyson is undoubtedly a dedicated fighter who approaches each match with an intense drive to emerge victorious.



Tyson vs. Ruddock: An epic showdown

At the time, one of the most eagerly awaited boxing matches was between Mike Tyson and Razor Ruddock, both of whom were heavyweight contenders with a reputation for their destructive punches and aggressive fighting techniques. Fans were excited to see them face each other in the ring.

The first match was held on March 18, 1991, and was a brutal contest. While both fighters landed heavy punches, Tyson emerged as the winner by TKO in the seventh round.


On June 28, 1991, the highly anticipated rematch of Tyson and Ruddock was held, and it proved to be equally intense as the first match. Ruddock exhibited more strength this time, delivering powerful punches at Tyson, even managing to knock him down in the second round.

Despite this, Tyson regained his footing and ultimately emerged victorious by TKO in the seventh round. This win solidified his position as one of the all-time great boxers.


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